Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Write short notes on KPocracy and KPocratic elections (7.5 marks)

KPocracy is a form of government where KP rules (note : not r00lz, although KP does r00l as well). Here, KP assumes the title of "Bulldozer" because nothing gets in the way of the Bulldozer. A central principle of KPocracy is "Big Government"; Kpocrats believe in the old adage "Many hands make work light". What better way to ensure better governance, they say, than to have as many people involved as possible? Surely, if two heads are better than one, forty five thousand (number used for example purposes only) heads are better than two. In this way, they say, the onerous task of governance can be divided more effectively.


In a KPocracy, elections for the Supreme Post of Bulldozer are held once every four years. The voter attendance is usually high, as citizens of a KPocracy take their voters' rights seriously. All citizens, young, old, male, female, undeclared and none of the above make their journey to polling stations around the country.

After the polling is complete, the Election Authority tallies the votes, and the presiding Bulldozer comes out to make The Grand Announcement.

This announcement is usually of the following form:

"My friends, we thank you for your votes. In this election, we received millions and millions of votes. Our counters have worked hard to tally them and I am pleased to announce that candidate (candidate's name) has won. But because this is a KPocracy, and I am KP, you can all Go Fuck Yourselves"

and is followed by laughter.

Since laughter is contagious, citizens end up celebrating this announcement with revelry, games and public drunkenness.

One of the many games played involves participants competing to see who can hold on to a current-carrying wire for the longest time. This game is called "Seizing Power". It should be noted that the current flowing through this wire is generated by people carrying the conductor around a permanent magnet stator. This process is called "The Revolution".

After the people have tired of games and revelry, they go back to their everyday lives, only to replay the exact same events four years later.


Friday, October 03, 2008

Puneet, the pessimist

To Whomsoever It May Concern:

Puneet is a pessimist. He doesn't take shit thrown at him.

Baby V