Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book List

A list of books to be read :

"My Father, The Porcupine" by Pablo Industani
"Coconuts, Rassam and Bullockcarts - an Alternate History of Civilization" by Xida Lalvani
"The Engineer Who Bought a Bowl" - Mandy Karmarkar
"Like A Deflated Tire, The World Is Flat" by Ramesh Ramachandran

"Autobiography of a Swine - Memoirs of Jaggi Thackeral" - Juggy Thackeral
"Eureka Surekha - How I Discovered The Love of My Life" - Suresh Mantri
"Jesus, My Mexican Friend" by Rakesh Mehta
"Denouncing American Idolatry and Other Modern Pagan Practices" by James McArthur III

"Pass - A Quizzer's Tale" by Shankar Gnanam
"Agastya to Simran - A Historian's Look at Crosscultural Ties Between the North and South" - CS Ramachander Guha
"Secrets of Chettinad Cuisine" - Sheila Kapoor
"The Parktown Prawn and Other Pests" - Nelson Mandela

"Might is Right - A History of the Left Handed Peoples of the World" - Naeem Hussain
"Icon-o-caste - An Adventure Through the Indian Caste System" - Bipin Banerjee
"Freedom of XXXPression - A Pornographer's Tale" - Karan Jowhaar
"Paani - A photographic journey of Water" - Vaani Thackersay

"Charudatt - India's Harry Potter of the early 5th century BC" - Nilesh Parthasarthy
"Butane and the Beast - How to Properly Cook Wild Game" by Charles Krishnamurthy
"The Violet Cobra" - Kundan Shah
"Ostentation and Obsequity" - Shoma Ray
"Hamara Desh" by George W Busch

"Might and Mockery" - Soma Ray
"Waiting for Godot Part II - She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain" - Shyam Bhagat
"Dead On Arrival - A Complete Anthology of 80's Power Ballads" - S. Sabari
"Porn OK Please - India's Battle with the Multimillion Dollar Porn Industry" - Shirish Khande

"Standing, Not Stairing - A Beginner's Guide to Elevators" - J. Ibrahim
"The Rise of Sexual Hedonism in 21st Century India" - Shobha De
"Hair Care Guide For Men" - Baal Thakre
"When Squirrels Stand Tall" - John McManaman
"Mi Muhammad Ali Jinnah Boltoy" - M.A.Jinnah

"Indian Muslims: Where Have They Gone Wrong?" - Rafiq Zakharia
"Indian Muslims: Whats wrong with them? Rafiq Zakharia - A critical review" - P.C Mahanoblis
also published under the title
"Whats wrong with Rafiq Zakharia" (preface by Rafiq Zakharia)
"Indians are Black People too, (Not Just White)" - Xida Qutan

"Can You Take Me Higher?" - Abhishek Chaturvedi
"Dalit Emancipation - A Vedantic Solution" - Swami Revisionashram
"Man(U) Smriti - The Rise and Fall of Manchester United" - Dr. John Chanderpaul
"A Case For Slavery" - M Sriram

"Fear of the Dark - How Swarthiness Can Be Turned Into A Boon" - Dr. Shivnarain Khuranna
"Youth and Asia - A Study of Population Reduction and Family Planning in Asia" - Dr. Mercy Zhou
"Why I Killed My Tapeworm, The Hilarious Irreverent Tale of an IITian (Kanpur)" - Jatin Bhagat
"Let My Fingers Do The Talking - An Irreverent and Hilarious Tale of a Chat Conversation Gone Wrong" - Bacchi Batliwaala

"The Ghosht And The Daakus - Tales from Rural India" - Anuradha Chatterjee
"Freedom and Batatawada" - Bachchi Jugaria
"B.O.M.B.A.Y" - Jackie Shroff
"Heidi Klum : A Model For Open Soft-Wear (Illustrated)" - John Spacey

"One Day at the Gateway" - Nikhil Ambani, age 10 (TOI Bestsellers no. 2)
"Composition Note Book (now with additional markups by Latha ma'am)" - Ram Shankar (Class 8 C)
"Tukaram and Socialism" - Shankarrao Chauhan
"The Big Bhangra Theory" - Karamjeet Singh Sodhi

"Why We Hindustanis Will Never Succeed...Ever" also published under the name, "Why Turranis and Persians are Better Than Us" - Muhi ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb Bahadur Alamgir I
"My Experiments With Opiates" - Nur-ud-din Salim Jahangir , Emperor of India
"Clive Owen Might Be a Hero But He Is Nothing In Front Of Me" - Robert Clive, First Governor General of Bengal
"Masti Aur Main" - Atul Biharee Vajpayee
"Fascism for dummies" - Bal Thackeray.
"Learn to be a Maharashtrian in 24 hours" - Raj Thackeray

"India and I" - William Mandible, a random white guy
"Dalit Panthers Are Not Really Leopards At All!" - Dr. Salim Khan, B.N.H.S
"Karl Marx: A Modern Rishi" - Lala Har Dayal
"What Ails George Fernandes" - Laloo Prasad Yadav

"Brahmins, Do We Need Them?" - Adolf Nambudaripad
"You Can Find Me In Da Club : Tales of a Party-hopper" - Farooq Abdullah
"Noam Was Not Built In A Day : The Exercise Regimen of the Strongest MIT Professor of All Time" - Linda Chomsky
"Bevan Lives" - Autobiography of Michael Bevan