Thursday, June 17, 2010

Discovering Computers

If all human memory of the science of electronic memorizing and processing of data (i.e computing) was erased and instead this human memory was backed up in form of electronic memory and hidden somewhere in the universe, the memory of the location having been erased, are we astute enough to hide it from ourselves and would we discover computing before inventing it?

The words are yours, the meaning mine.

Who the hell is the poet to tell me what it means?
She lost the meaning the moment I read the words.
The words are hers, the meaning - mine.
The meaning is mine until they read them.
After that, the only the words I wrote are mine,
I have lost the meaning too.
That is the cost of expression.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Incoming Free on Nature's call

Puppy Manohar told me that in Sweet-Ger-land, they take money from you if you wish to visit the lavatory. It occurred to Puppy Manohar that for nature's call, incoming should be free.

It occurred to me that it would be only good business acumen to let latrinists in without charge and not let them out unless they pay. This way you can also negotiate the price depending on their desperation. That's not unfair nor violation of rights. Its only good business.

Baby V

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'll be there for you

Dear Puppy Manohar

Have you seen that FRIENDs episode ... which Chandler gets so catastrophically
drunk that he barges in to Ross's apartment, then repeatedly anally rapes him and
pushes him in the corner and whispers in to his scared ears,
"This is how I feel every night when I sleep with your sister"
The audience is tensed and silent.

Then Joey enters the room and says, "How ya doin!"
and the audience laughs hysterically. Have you seen it?
Its the best FRIENDS episode ever. FRIENDS is the best!

Have you seen that FRIENDs episode ... which a cat is stuck on the subway rails, with sad eyes looking at the camera as if pleading to be saved. The audience goes "AWWWWWWWWW"
and then Phoebe tries to save the cat while suddenly unexpectedly the train rushes through the tracks hitting both Phoebe and the cat.
Their frightened decapitated heads fly through the New York skyline with blood dripping on the faces of little crying children in a tragic slow motion shot.
The audience is shocked and silent.

Then Joey comes out of the motorman's room wearing the Motorman's hat
and says, "How ya doin!"
and the audience laughs hysterically. Have you seen it?
Its the best FRIENDS episode ever. FRIENDS is the best!

Have you seen that FRIENDs episode ... which they have shown a kind of post-apocalyptic, post-nuclear holocaust world where all mankind is extinct, all civilization has vaporized, all is lost except the Geller siblings - Monica and Ross, the only survivors.

They are posed with the intellectual dilemma - on one side
the apparently instinctive but really intellectual responsibility
of re-populating the world and propagating their human DNA
on the other hand the apparently instinctive but really intellectual
taboo of incest. On one hand the futility of trying to perpetuate the
evidently worthless human species which has already destroyed itself and the planet and on the other, the futility of re-populating the planet with characters like Ross and Monica - illconcieved, unrealistic, shallow, whose traits have been naturally selected from previously popular sitcoms and the lusty whims of insane studio executives and yet existing purely to keep a maddened Americanized generation psychosexually captivated, spell bound in their avaracious lifestyles that has destroyed everything.

Monica manicly cleans the human waste around her- the cleanliness freak that she is. Eternally punished to rectify the wrongs of a suicidal civilization - like the good woman 'the gatherer' as many MCP Darwinists believe a woman should be. Ross cries like a mad man mourning for the lack of a lover scavenging through the wasteland thriving on the meat of old lovers - the good hunter that a man should be.

They soon realize that all this does NOT matter.
It doesn't matter if humans go on.
It doesn't matter if they think human life has a purpose or is pointless.
It doesn't matter if a trillion years of life on the planet was just a meaningless
blink of the eye of the Universe...

What really matters is that ANOTHER season of FRIENDS must go on...

The audience applauds. All FRIENDS fans are happy to know that another FRIENDS season will be released.

But its not so simple, Ross and Monica can not make love. In spite of getting over
their incest hangup, they are so physically repulsive on an absolute level. Their
personalities are so repugnant, their demeanor so disgusting that they just can not feel
attracted to each other...

The audience is tensed, no more FRIENDS....this is the last episode...?
IS this how it all ends!?

Then a mutant monkey losely resembling an erect hairless ape struggles through
the radioactive waste mumbling the words, "How ya doin!"

The audience is hysterical!
Have you seen it?
Its the best FRIENDS episode ever. FRIENDS is the best!

Baby Vaijayanti

Monday, June 07, 2010

Strong Accent

My strong inaccessible accent saves me from exposing by biggest secret - most of the times even I don't know what I am talking.