Wednesday, December 13, 2006

John Abra Man

Dear Baby Vaijayanti,

El KP tan may be your favourite super hero, but mine is without doubt his drinking buddy John AbraMan.

Allow me to list out John AbraMan's super powers:

1> Can hypnotize ladies instantly by running his hands through his hair.

2> Can smell beer within a 2 mile radius, and will walk the two miles to get it also.

3> Is impervious to cold.

4> Can morph into his alter ego, Chunky Pandey, whenever he detects the presence of Pure Evil(tm).

5> Is the very opposite of a kleptomaniac. In fact, he would gladly donate the (expensive, designer) jacket that he is wearing to someone who deserves it. (This may also be because he is impervious to cold, but John Abra Man needs to socialize with style and this is not possible without a jacket.)

6> Arrives just when people need him the most.

7> Remembers lyrics to Pink Floyd choruses.

Of course, whenever El KP tan and John Abra Man get together, evildoers quake in their chappals. I hope we get to (vicariously) experience more of their adventures.

Your pet,

Puppy Manohar.

"We're coming to your house; we'll help you party it down" - Grand Funk Railroad


Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Writer / Deleter,

We are here for recognition and fame and glory and other such fabulous worldy motives.

Kindly do not delete your comments in the future. Dont worry we wont judge you by your comments. We only judge people by their sense of rythm and beat.

We dont give a dam about what you write, as long as you make us feel good that people read our blog.

Congress Of Sellout Musicians & Overrated Singers.
"Sharma gayi mai hai hai" - Various Artists.

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Author / Comment Remover,

You have a problem! Yes, you do! Even if you don't know it.

But don't worry, blog shyness can be cured!

I'm going to be honest with you, it's not easy! But with little Baby Steps (TM) (ah thank you), soon you'll be commenting with the best of them.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Ms. Gretel Ostentatious
Chairperson, BOOBS
(Blog Owners Opposing Blog Shyness)

"Oh my darling give me a look" - OST Vijaypath

Kappa said...

i am too sexy for my hair
my hair my hair" - Right said John

Kappa said...

so you do judge people by their rhythm nd beat

and evidently i dont have any

u skullscraper!!!!!!