Thursday, October 25, 2007

I me mine


Swaminathans said...

Didn't understand this random drawing...I know it's supposed to be random, but I couldn't find a random meaning to undrestand this random drawing....

Okay as I completed that sentence, I have a random thought which could be applied to the above random drawing situation (i.e. random situation):-

Baby Vijayanthi is fishing compliments? And Puppy Manohar is basically bringing those compliments & dropping them in that bucket.

Aaagh.....never mind.

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Chinnu Fish,

I am saddened by your above comments. Puppy Manohar is always eager to eat you out of your tank.

But I dont let him because you are my friend. You give me a bad name in front of Puppy. I am sure Puppy must be laughing....

Dont judge me, Puppy.

Baby V
"Man is known by the company he keeps..Women are known by their names" - Baby V.

Swaminathans said...

Baby Vaijayanti,

Thanks for bringing me home from Walmart. Don't you think the very reason you brought me home was because Puppy Manohar pointed you to me with his wagging tail? I still remember yesterday, as if it were yesterday. Puppy Manohar doesn't want to eat me and neither do you. Dogs do not like to eat fish in the first place. Cats like to eat fish. Dogs like to to just bite cats (as if they were some juicy bones).

So by law of Mathematical induction Dogs and Fish would dislike Cats. Thant makes Dogs a fish's best friend and human's second best friend. Please do not malign our budding life-long friendship by casting insincere doubts about Puppy eating me. Also Labradors are the friendliest dogs, so ya.

It's time you feed me fish food.

"It's chinu-fish with a single dash and single 'n'"

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Chinu-Fish,

Please don't mind Baby V. She is a very jealous person. Also, like most women/girls, she is prone to misinterpreting situations and blowing them out of proportion. The only reason Baby V thinks I want to eat you is because I admire my sparkling Puppy Smile in the reflection that I see in your bowl.

I laugh at you, Baby V.



Puppy Manohar

"No man is an island; no woman is the sea"