Thursday, August 19, 2010

Always Remember

Dear Baby V,

Always remember :

You cannot spell patriot without RIOT.


Puppy Manohar


Baby V and Puppy M said...

You can't spell terrorist without an error?
you can't spell massmedia without ass-me
you can't spell representative if you can't spell resent
you can spell bourgeois, but you can't pronounce it like its spelt
Just remember, banal is spelled be- anal.
Know when to end things or else you might start well trying to write genius
and end up with genitalia

Anonymous said...

Know when to end things for what might start out to become genius
might end up becoming genitalia

- wordverification: sodwamen

Anonymous said...

know when to end things.....


Samir Bellare said...

You cannot type the word verification 'dismalar' without typing DISMAL

Excess Fiber said...

but i can spell the word "spell" by putting a spell on thee

Nitha said...

I donte usally tink abowt oder wards dat da ward cud be wen I am spellin one, ya no.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nitha

dear nitha

Baby V
P.S: totally wired

Anonymous said...

Excess Fiber - Sounds like KP. But KP will never have such a frivolous name. will he?

pseudonym said...

happened to come across this blog by chance..had to comment..
ever tried spelling individual without dual?