Wednesday, September 22, 2010

B - our liar jets

Dear Puppy Manohar

"Eat, Pray, Love" is NOT a BBC Documentary narrated by David Attenborough about the Praying Mantis. Though that would have been more interesting.

Baby V

Dear Baby V

Ah see what you did there Baby V, is you confused a Hollywood movie with an as yet unreleased BBC Documentary chronicling the lives of anthropomorphic mantisis (mantii?) called "Beat, Prey, Laugh".)

Puppy Manohar


Dear Puppy Manohar

There is an ongoing persecution of natural documentary makers in America. You just can't talk about insects on TV and you can forget about showing mating behaviors of insects (it's political correctness gone mad).

Consequently, what the film...makers have done is metaphorically tr......ied to spread the message about the natural behavior of mantis through the allegorical tale of a woman.

Its actually an arthropomorphic tale which represents insects through the unusual medium of feel-good-orientalist-coming-of-age-vacuously-edifying (european) human drama.

Like all Julia Roberts movies. Yes, including Notting Hill which you loved. They are all encrypted stories talking about mating patterns of insects, a message that just won't be ever televised (much like the revolution)

arthropodo-morphic? Also - think about it yaar! Its a tale about metamorphosis - Insect! its a tale about vegetarianism - Insect! its about preying - Insect! There is more to the story than it shows. Its clearly a arthropodological metaphor.......

Its inspired by "Metamorphosis" but minus all that is Kafkaesque in it.

Eat, Pray , Love - Praying Mantis
Notting Hill - Ants ( - Ant hill)
Fireflies in the Garden - well, ...
The Mexican - the mexican honey wasp.

All this while you thought she was all but your regular Hollywood celebrity next door, she was actually an agent and an apparatchik for the take over of Insects over human world.

Baby V



The Repetition Nazzzz said...

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Nitha GetHigh :-) said...

I commend you on the use of the term, 'apparatchik' after almost 15 years of it being kept in cold storage. (And Blogger's comment-page spell-check just tells me it really isn't a word). Am totally disheartened that you didn't reference the amazing 1986 movie, 'The Fly' in this post - which does draw inspiration from Kafka's 'Metamorphosis', I suppose, but is less 'elitist' - something that, I should warn you, will put off your Tea Party readers... And we can't have that now! (Dammit - 0 seeds for the Torrent file for Eat, Pray, Love as I type this).

Anonymous said...

B - our liar jets is of course an anagram for Julia Roberts.