Saturday, August 22, 2009

You Clid!

Dear Puppy Manohar

I am very afraid of flying. Technically, I will always be in the same plane with at least 2 terrorists.

Baby V.


Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Baby Vaijayanti,

I am not a terrorist; I am a freedom fighter.


Puppy Manohar

Anonymous said...

Dear Reader

3 Points define a plane. Hence.

Baby V.
P.S: Alas

. said...

Dear Baby V.,
My sympathies. But alack! "Girdle" would not find the logic in using "You clid" worthy enough to appear in a title. Furthermore, he was but a comp{(oiler)} of work. I would like to corroborate on the aforementioned statement,but the margin is far too short.
Day cart
PS: I sound like but i'm not Fermat. He's a douche.

Teri Phuddi said...

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Anonymous said...

I want to give you a clidoral orgasm.

Teri Choot said...

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??! said...

Dear Puppy

It seems you have avid online fans.

You have now come of age.

With groans

yaa so like yaa said...

instead of typing so much, (on the internet), they could have just watched some porn instead.

i mean "CAMONNN"

Anonymous said...

Farg KP! from Chicago!