Thursday, February 11, 2010


A board outside the ill-managed sham of an Indian movie multiplex Naz 8 has the following friendly message on its gate in bold red letters "For obvious reasons, please do not bring in food, water, alcohol or cookies inside" ..No it isn't obvious at all.

The following are some OBVIOUSLY prohibitive and/or ludicrous things to take inside a film theatre:

1) your own Home Theatre, DVD player or TV.
2) electric guitar
3) 4 wheel vehicle
or even 2 wheel vehicle
(2 or 4 stroke engine)
4) a panda
5) a panda sitting on top of a 4 wheeled vehicle

Please comment with some other items that for OBVIOUS reasons should not be allowed in a Movie Theatre


Nitha said...

large stomachs
new shoes
beer keg
marijuana (to smoke, to eat, to show & tell)
a cocaine habit
hand gun
switch blade
the urge to dance
a too-defined sense of reality (for most movies in the vernacular)

DivSu said...

They actually frisk your bag and make you leave it outside if you have food, it is like entering a high-security zone :))

JesteR said...

hmm..... priority 0 would be:
A fucking idiot as your companion!!

Kappa said...

dear nitha,

for obvious reasons don't bring in any loose feet

Kappa said...

nun chucks
Your CPU
Paper shredder
Your non Hindi speaking neighbor who will ask you what the last dialogue meant every 1 minute
A bowling ball
Karan johar loving attitude
And yes, your so called “A” game
yr making fun of friendly messages humor

also as long as wheels are concerned, i can bring in my skateboard!!!

a panda driving a four wheeled vehicle? perhaps..
so darn sterotypical!

Kappa said...

any doubts about tom o connor

Anonymous said...

he come out stew and he said to the man in front of him, "what do you do for a living" and the man said, "i am in oil" and tom o'connor said, "are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"
"are you a sardine?"

narendra shenoy said...

I asked this question of the missus, who phlegmatically replied "Brains". "Brains?" I responded. "Brains!" she reiterated.

Her logic is that if they're showing Hindi movies,a brain would be about the most absurd item to take in. She recommends frisking, but people with MBAs would be exempt.

pri said...


Kk said...

So I guess they're fine with milk, cheese or any assortment of dairy products then?

As for things that should not be allowed:

Its a little late to become a person of substance said...

I Read this signboard in a fast food breakfast place:

" Everyone brings joy to this place,
Some when they come in and others when they leave"

Anonymous said...

I read this: "JESUS LOVES YOU ..everyone else thinks you're an asshole"

bpingali said...

quite easily in the top 5 funniest things i've read this year.

btw it might interest you to know that you are referred to as "subtly brilliant" by someone in blogspace - with a link to your blog even