Friday, April 02, 2010

Trying God

Dear Puppy

Today in moral science class Jean Paul was punished for saying something unheard of.

When a bunch of atheists argued against the existence of God, he suggested that there is no doubt in his mind that God exists. But, he argued, He is far from benevolent. He is certainly malicious and autocratic. Far from being loving and caring, He has only contempt for mankind (and sheer disdain for womankind).

He suggested that instead of prayer and obedience to his Word, human kind should in fact invade the Kingdom of Heaven, depose God and try Him and the entire Divine Party of Heaven for Crimes against Humanity like we do on Earth. Additionally, he said, as decent human beings we only owe it to our fellow beings that we liberate the tormenting souls in the concentration camps of Hell and try Satan and everyone else involved too for Crimes against Humanity.

I strongly disagree with Jean-Paul. I think God exists and he is loving and I love God. I will pray to Him to forgive Jean-Paul.

Baby V.


Nandan said...

Or as Voltaire would've said - If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

Anonymous said...

Or as Bakunin said:

If God did exist, it would be necessary to be abolish him.

so unfortunately this post was part Bakunin, part Hitchens (that rabid pro-war fucker)

-Sanjay Mitra Mrs. Phd.

Kappa said...


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Rajatmuk said...

which one is the puppy?