Thursday, April 29, 2010

Freedom from expression

Dear Puppy Manohar

Everytime I see a frivolous rubbish movie like most mainstream Indian
and American movies, I ask myself: Is this the freedom of expression that my- and your-
ancestors fought against and actively stifled for ages?

Now, I am not saying that _ollyWood should not be allowed to screen their insane brain-vomit and public relations spell on the unsuspecting audience. What I am saying is: Where is the Shiv Sena when you need it.

I was delighted recently to find the calculated and orchestrated spontaneous reaction of the Shiv Sena to the racist condescending pig ignorant drama of a strange Indian man with a mild speech impediment and unusually high intelligence to the point of being clairvoyant trying hard to pass of as an autistic person, an American Muslim and a loving father, that is called "My Name is Khan"

Although as usual, the Shiv Sena had to cloak their constitutional
penchant for violence and vandalism
with the false guise of narrowmindedness and religious intolerance
which although intellectually ambitious
by Shiv Sainik standards is certainly unconvincing to anyone who knows the Sena.

This made me realize that most critics of the Sena do not realize that
what the Shiv Sena did is in fact
a part of the Indian cinema experience. While the West is adding
spatial dimensions and
making movies 3D effectively spoiling the entire experience and making the movies shittier than they already are- as they did for Alice in
Wonderland, Indian cinema is adding metaphysical and cultural
dimensions like the ancient un-civilization
that we are.

They have been inspired by the ancient practise of making Huge
effigies of Ravana. Putting months of
efforts in it and then burning it. Or making Ganpati idols, the shrine
for them and then immersing them.
Now cinema has the cultural aspect of making a movie, ransacking the
theatres, burning the directors effigies,
having intellectually frivolous discussions and debates void of any
historical or sociological context.

And all this while the hapless innocent civilian desperately tries to stay away from the whole charade and struggles to stay clean from the defecation and pointless flatulence of the uncreative and frankly parasitic Indian elite.

This makes one demand for a new - "freedom from expression". Unfortunately,
even though I did not and do not
want to watch or be contaminated in any way by the shit movie, "My
name is Khan"
"Her name is Shweta" a movie about disabled girls which effectively mocks the disabled because the maker is a dick,
"Friendship hi Friendship mein" - exploring the topic of homosexuality with the categoric acceptance of the understanding that homosexuality is evil and unnatural and yet throwing a humane facade that is pitiful.
"Raag - the sun shines on him" a peculiarly reactionary tale of a prince who saves the whole fucking world with mystical powers
or "Punjabiyan di Shaan vakhri" - a typical Punjabi family - affluent, fashionable, having lots of servants and drinking lots of lassi, with lots of tractors, sugarcane plantations and getting the price for the crop they deserve. Go Green Revolution!
or "Nishvaas - Coming of age tale"- a Marathi movie which is automatically critically acclaimed almost for being Marathi and hence having actors that are "Theatrically trained". Though all these theatrically trained actors have in the past only done obnoxious loud roles involving cross dressing, "line marring youth" and the ridiculously silly yet overplayed character of the tolerant middle class man. Based in the rural atmosphere, made by a couple of Maharashtrian Brahmin boys who wear khadi, and can be found at Cafe Samovar.

I still am bombarded to the point of no escape with the trivia, debates,
discussions, criticism and review of the atrocity like Alex is forced to in Clockwork Orange.

"My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist. Although I am a fucking idiot"

Baby V


Chethana said...
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chethana said...

oh wow.

(and sorry for deleting my previous comment and therefore making a duplicate figure of your comment stats)

jaytirth said...

Nice post!

Munim said...

I laughed so hard after reading this blog post, I nearly got fired from my job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Munim.
Thanks Jaytirth.
Thanks Chethana

You guys get a free pass to any of the rides at the Indian Institute of Pwnage.

Anonymous said...

hee ha ha! awesome post. I bow to you...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous

Don't lift anything, it is bad for the spine.

Baby V