Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I just got an email from Dell Computers where they addressed me as "Hey Beautiful" Some corporations seem to take their personhood too seriously. Now I don't mind being complimented by an abstract inanimate organizational entity on my physical beauty but I would prefer if they would substantiate their admiration with stock options.

The Islamic Hijab is quite an excellent head gear choice for balding men. It's cool, progressive and fashionable.

It was said:
Needlessly Patronizing Radio
Nauseously Patrician Rhetoric
Non-Partisan Reprimand
NonPartisan Regards
Needlessly Pandering the Right
Nongovernmental Policy Rationale
Nongovernmental Policy Resonance
Nasal Parrot-like Rants

KP: Dissing on national public radio?
It was said: No, one Mr. Nirav P. Rathod
KP - yaa i heard about him..he was wanted by the police for "Nostagically Pissing Radiation" and yes, the cops did not care about the radiation, but they were pretty pissed about the error in the spelling

It was said - "D00d I just managed to convince a friend that Times Square was first in Los Angeles and then they moved it to New York."

"D00D, if you have ever taken time out to clean someone elses [sic] clock, then u do have a lot of time on your hands" -

Ah, Gaddafi is dead. I remember the days when we were kids, Uncle Gaddafi would summon all the neighbourhood kids to the court, the Badminton court and teach us the perfect way of playing badminton.

He used to insist on a long warm up session, stretching and running. "Stamina!", he said, "Stamina! my friend is the most important thing in the art of Painting" and we would be confused why he was talking about painting when he was teaching us Badminton.

And now he is no more....

I think I might have confused the murdered Libyan dictator and international criminal, Colonel Gaddafi with an uncle from Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

News on Ravi Shankar's website:

"February 22, 2011. Ravi Shankar's younger daughter Anoushka Shankar gave birth to a healthy boy, Zubin Shankar Wright. Both, the father and the mother are doing well."

Father? Who cares about the father after childbirth?

Can the characters of Jim and Pam in the NBC show, "The Office" somehow be terminated? I am not saying that has be by means of a gruesome double homicide, horrendous accident or random office shootout (that is for you to say) They can however go for a long long vacation somewhere to the geographically antipodal place to Scranton, PA? Is a terrible divorce between the characters or downsizing in these times of high unemployment too much to ask for?

Been singing the Heart song, "Magic Man" all day long. Except that I am making it politically correct by replacing every instance of "man" with "person", "mama" with "parent" and "he" with "he/she". Also singing it in a very strong Indian accent replete with retroflexes and V/W ambiguity. Why, you ask? Cos that's how I freakin roll mofo.


Nitha GetHigh :-) said...

I take GRAVE exception to Point # 8 in 'Ramblings'
(I'm not sure how you're numbering it, but still the exception taken is GRAVE!)
I'm a recent father & I take GRAVEly take exception! (Hope you take GRAVE cognizance of my exceptional point).

Anonymous said...

Firstly - Congratulations Nitha!

Secondly - I apologize. Sometimes fathers do try really hard to revert the effects of anthropogenic climate change, prevent nuclear holocaust and the end of species and/or chances of decent survival. We must make that exception for such fathers. We do need to consider them and ask them how they are. The others are of course vain, vile, arrogant dicks who don't know what they have done.