Wednesday, November 09, 2011

When I first came to America ...

When I first came to America, I thought that every city had a very skewed street which intersects with other streets every few blocks and for some racist reason they name this street after a Chinese diplomat called "Ped Xing"- the Ped Xing street.

I observed that people "jaywalked" on this Ped Xing street and occasionally it had a zebra crossing along itself rather than across it. I went to Chinatown and there was no Ped Xing street there. Surely, I thought, these Sinophobes hate this guy - Ped Xing - out here in America.

I asked a Chinese American what it means in Chinese. He said to me, "First of all I am not Chinese, I am white and secondly, it means Pedestrian Crossing" and I said to myself - "Wow! even white people are made in China these days. Surely they are taking over"

When I first came to America, whenever the clerk at the grocery store asked me - "Debit or Credit ?", I thought I had the choice of crediting the amount to my account. I always opted for 'Credit'.

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