Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Look What I Drew


I think I'm getting brighter by the day. It's the spurt of growth that babies undergo. I better make the most of it while I'm young. Because, as you know, as I grow this phenomenon will decelerate. And by the time I am past 25, you know what happens to human beings. We have the illustrious example of my (our? of course not) parents.

While Dad comes up with new things, as much as he might want to believe, he still is improvising on the same patterns of discovery registered in his adult hardwired brain. Well, mother, I don't want to talk more about that side. A Dr. epithet is quite symbolic of eternal smugness and intellectual emptiness these days. Most people with Phds. or medicine degrees equate their accolade to a certification for menial chatter decorated with ostentatious diction but no worthwhile content.

If only puppies like you and babies like me had more exposure to the world, we would revolutionize canine and human thought, respectively. Alas, one day we will grow up to be numb and vain aspiring wannabes like the rest of them. And of course, terrorize children and exercise our absolute control over them, under the pretext of our baseless insecurity towards their future and general well-being. You will start marking your areas by urinating around the place....Gosh I don't know how I am going to take care of you then...sometimes I feel the Abrahamic vain attitude of Homocentrality of Creation is justified. Your species is quite a burden to the human species.

Any way, no point thinking about the inevitable....above is the picture I drew which shows you and me. I have written your name in Devanagari, just to make it seem all cool and cryptic. Some day if ever your IQ permits you to conceive gratitude, you could do something for me in return.

Baby Vaijayanthi.

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green-eyed goblin said...

loved the drawing.....creative.....BABY v!