Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nicotine Woman

Dear Puppy,

An old hermit from Mumbai told me this story:

dekh bidu thoda thanda ley tereko story sunata hai
dekhte hai teri khopdi mein kitna akkal jaata hai
yeh kissa hai ek item, "cigarette manjula" ka
uski ek nazar pe sab bole "jo hukum mere aaka"

manjula ka shohar saala whisky mein jeeta
manjula ko marke hi voh chain ki saans leta
manjula ne thode din bahut sun ke liya
lekin ek din uska dimag out ho gaya

manjula roti bana raili thi
shohar ne bahut jyada pee raheli thi
plate ko phekke voh manjula pe bhaunka
manjula ne usko belan se thoka

us din manjula ne usko bahut phatkaaya
manjula ne belan uske peechu ghusaaya
laath marke hospital mein bhijaaya
voh bichara kabhi vaapisich nahi aaya.

usdin se jo bhi samajhta usko abala naari
manjulane bana dala usko bhikaari (balaatkaari - Ashay)
manjula boli mumbai ko dhue mein udayegi
akkhi mumbai ko mein cigarette pilayegi

life mein apne abhi sirf paisaich dharam
four square, char minar gudang garam
chilam, hashish, ganja, khullam khulla
duniya bulati usko "cigarette manjula"

juhu mithibhai ka chokri chokra
bahar se "pot-au-feu" andar se dhokla
ek din chowpaaty pe unko bulaaya
8-10 khoke ka party manaaya

ghati minister bola "Indian Culture" "Indian Culture"
saala poora party ka kiya tire puncture

manjula boli "yeh chindigiri se apni nahi phatthi hai
chaay paani chaiye bol? itni kya masti hai
paisa lene sion aana udhar apni haat-bhatti hai
nahi toh idhar mera haath udhar teri kaanpatti hai

itna powerbaaz aurat tha cigarette manjula
sab log kartha jo bhi usne bola
lekin life usne us vaqt dhakka khaaya
jab uska el KP tan par Dil aaya

el KP tan jidhar jaye udhar cha jaat tha
lekin saala usko Hindi nahi aata tha
Manjula ko aata sirf "thenk you" ne "Pilis"
el KP tan, full too talk Inglis walk Inglis.


Baby V

"I was going to say something, but I forgot" - Anon


Kappa said...

micheal jackson

Kappa said...

For all,,

Nicotine Wo- MAN

Yo dude, be chill and i'll tell you a story
lets see what kinda brain is stuck in that head
This episode is about a foxy girl called "Nicotine Woman"
One eye glace by her and the whole town goes "Whatever you desire, your majesty"

Her husband drowns himself in whisky
Beats her up for his own peace of mind
She restrained these acts for a couple of weeks
But one fine day she lost it with him

Nicotine Woman was making Roti
Her husband had had about to many a drink
Threw the plates and barked at his wife
She struck his head with a Roller pin

She went on beating him that day
She even shoved the Roller pin in his ass
Kicked him and sent him off to a hospital
That poor asshole never could return

Since that day whoever thought she was a naive lady
She would turn him into a mere popper (Rapist - Akshay)
She said she would make Mumbai fly in ashes
She will make the entite Mumbai city smoke

Now, in our lives, there are only monetary desires/ethics
Four Square, Char Minar, Gudang Garam
Chillum, Hashish, Ganja, all open open
Town calls her "Nicotine Woman"

All the boys and girls of Juhu Mithibai
Bold on the outside and timid from the inside
One day called her up to the beach
Had a partay that costed in Crores from 8-10

Lame Minister said "Indian Culture""Indian Culture"
Fucking!, for the entire party, she was the cause of its tire puncture

Nicotine Woman said " I dont get intimidated by all this cheapness
If you want water or tea then talk!, What is all this drama about?
You want money, come to Sion, I have a big hand there
Otherwise my hand will be there to whoop your ass

Such a powerful lady was Nicotine Woman
Everyone did just she told them to
But at that moment life played another game on her
When her heart said Hello to ElKPtan

Wherever Elkptan went, he set life even in the dead
But the fucker did not know Hindi
Nicotine Woman only knew "Thenk You" and "Pilis"
Elkptan was all about Super Walk and Talk Inglis