Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chloro Plasto

Dear Puppy,

have you heard of LeafBoy?
Have is entirely made of leaves.
He makes his own food.
He appears green but isnt really jealous of anyone.
He is photsynthetic

No one understands his pain though. People think he has no feelings. Some scientists claim he does. He hides from the rest of the world. Can not speak, but listens to everyone. He sees everything but no one likes to see him.

But he is a super boy. He will save us from extinction.

He is herbal, organic like all of us, and has no side effects.

Have you met him? Very few people in the world have seen him.

I saw him. Just now.

Baby Vaijayanthi.
"Dead or Alive?" - Jon Bon Jovi

1 comment:

Kappa said...

so i see you've become a junkie

smoking and tripping on radiations from the leaf boy is all that you do!!!

sweet 2 new superheroes

Leaf Boy and Nicotine Woman..

a perfect blend

"I love you sweet leaf, though you cant hear" - Black Sabbath