Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot for teacher.

Dear Dr. Mr. Rochona Mahapatra,

I am glad to inform you that your son Dr. Mrs. Sarandeep "Pity" Singh has succesfully completed his "Total Transformation Course" i.e 9th standard. He has transformed from being a below average talkative student to a barbaric loud nutcase.He makes fun of me all the time and passes comments on me (in Chennai slang Tamil) in front of other apes of his class. I dont comprehend as I am from Bombay (town) and we Bombayites dont care about any other language but Bombayian. The whole class laughs and thinks that insulting the principal is ok.

I have written many a remark on his calendar. He keeps losing his calendars and finds unimaginable excuses for not getting it signed by you. The latest excuse that he gave was that you, Mr Rachana, yes you are him. i. e he is his own father (as well as his own mother). I just want you to know Beta Sarandeep, that I know you are reading this letter and that there is no Mr Rachana. Your fathers name is Principal. Naano Chaasno Glass. a.k.a Me. Yes, son I am your father.

I am sorry it had to come to you this way. But I had an affair with your mother, Dr. Mr. Sean Fitzgerald an Irish Bureaucrat of the British Raj. She disowned you and I decided to raise you as my own (which in fact you are). But I think I am bored of raising you. You are old enough to take care of yourself. Find yourself a passion and follow it. I have found mine, I am goin surfing to Jamaica _m/. Bye. Dont follow me, I will only hurt you.

Principal Naano Chaaasno Glass (Mrs.), Phd.
P.S: On whom is the joke now?

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seewoosaranne ramgoulamme said...

And this, I'll have you know, kind wo-person, is my final comment for the season, largely owing to the fact that my head has been irretrievably entwined with my unmentionable regions, due to the recursive nature of this post (female), that I shall grudgingly admit, had me howling in the isles (of man (male ie)).