Monday, July 09, 2007


Dear readers,

Baby and I are proud to announce that, like El KP tan, we too are SAP experts.


Strong and powerful
Samir almost panicked.
Sita arrived panting
so Auntie Patty
stopped all purchasing.
She advocated peace
saying, "All people
still are purchasing;
shops are perversions."
Sadly, a patient
suffered and puked.
"Stalls arent perversions",
said a proctologist,
scrutinizing a posterior.

Somewhere, a pirate
saw a policeman
shaking a peach
slowly and patiently -
Stopping and pirouetting,
silhouetting a pancreas,
shaving a porcupine.
Samit A Panicker
sweated and panicked.
Sita, also petrified,
sobbed and prayed.
So auntie patty,
sane and practical,
suggested a point.
"Stop acting, punks",
she articulately proposed.
So, almost perfunctorily,
students anulled practicising
sex and porn.

Soon all pornography
sellers and peddlers
surrendered all possessions.
Surely, after protests,
slowly all preexisting
stigmas and presumptions
suffered a persistent
shaming. A pact
surfaced alongside protests.
Surfers and partridges
summoned a parliament,
silently and purposely.
Such are politicians,
shameless and parrot-like,
seated along partisans,
smiling and petty,
sly and pretentious.

So a perfect,
solemn, astute priest
stepped away, probably
supposing a peacechord.
Sadly, a pugilist,
sombre and pugnacious,
sighed. Almost perfect
saturday afternoon precipitated
showers and picnics.
Silence and passion
sought and plundered;
Sorry about polygamy,
sati and programmers.

Simultaneously, anti - piracy
supporters assembled peacefully,
softly and purposefully.
Still a policeman
screamed and pranced.
Satyagrahis annihilated polity
shouting "a pen!"
"Satyagrahis, A pen!"
"Save a pen!"
"Sir, A pen!".
So, amidst partying,
some asshole pulled
sharpeners and pointed
sin associated paraphernalia
southward. At peace,
sinners always pray,
showily and prominently.

Suddenly at purgatory,
Satan allows perjurors
sexual autonomial powers.
Sadly, all powers
sinful, albeit pestilent
suffer a pitfall.
Such are powers
satan accords people.
So auntie Patty,
satisfied at progress,
stirred a puree
smiling, at peace.


Puppy Manohar and Baby Vaijayanti

"Les derniers seront les premiers" - Celine Dion


Kappa said...


here's the tag line for this one

"Suffocate A Pandu"

( SAP )

Vedanranyam Sheershasana swamigal dot com said...

Excuse me but this was brilliant. Kindly do the needful and oblige.