Monday, August 06, 2007

So much for the joker


I swear this is not inspired by the Joker.

I'm a traveler, a reveler, every street to me is familiar.
I eat at every kitchen; I shop at every store.
I'm a cavalier, I'm a howler, I'm a bourgeois middle leveler;
Nothing feels like home anymore.

I'm a prowler, I'm a bowler - a heavy metal growler.
I dance at every club, sway at every show.
Bargainer, harangue-er, a compulsive headbanger;
My throat is parched and my feet are sore.

I'm a juggler, a smuggler, a daylight burglar.
I am priest; I am a whore.
I'm a fabler, a parabler, a left wing babbler.
I won't tell you anything you haven't heard before.

I'm a messer, a cross dresser, I'm a pointless point stresser* ;
I fly the skies; I crawl on the floor.
I'm a pauser, I'm a tosser, I'm an unidentified saucer;
I'm always in your face, I'm hard to ignore.

I'm a blower, I'm a flower, I'm a "will go where you go"er;
I bomb bay, I bang a lore.
I'm a fresher, a party basher, I have the youth I treasure;
I am a graduate, I'm a sophomore.

I'm a stunner, a slow learner, I am a rat race runner;
I get what everyone has in store.
I'm a winker, a thinker, a really social drinker;
But I'll guzzle all you can pour.

I'm a hammer, a jammer, an email spammer;
I am the cop, I am the chor.
I'm a gunner, I'm a burner, I'm a fatal table turner;
I'll play you fresh tunes, you can be sure.

I'm a giver, I'm a lever, the sender and the receiver;
I am superlame, I am hardcore.
I'm a kneeler, I'm a stealer, I'm the freedom dealer;
Whom do you think free trade is for?

I'm a slacker, I'm a cracker, I'm an assembly-code hacker;
I use VI, bitch, I don't need anything more.
I'm the sleeper, the reaper, I'll send you there way cheaper;
I'm the Bush, I am Al Gore.

I'm the trier, I'm the crier, I'm the hellish fire frier;
I wait for you at the door.
I'll ignore ya, I'm a lawyer, I suffer from paranoia;
I'm very bored, I think life's a chore.

I'm strong, I can fight, I am also really bright;
I pretend I'm seventeen, but I'm really 34.
I'll atone, I'm alone, I am the evil clone;
I'm asexual, I regenerate with spores.

I'm free, like a bird, but I'm a big lizard.
Some people call me joe, you can call me dinosaur.
I'm a baller, I'm a caller, I throw my heavy dollar;
Don't walk on my lawn it is for show.

I'm a maker, I'm a breaker, I'm an early morning waker;
I'll be free at six, call me at four.
I'm a flyer, a littler higher, I'm a new things trier;
I float on air, I'm made of foam.

I'm a juggler, I'm a struggler, I'm a holy potion smuggler;
I do it for salvation, don't try this at home.

Baby V.
"I'm a joker, I'm a choker, I'm a mid night ?ker" - The Joker


GJA said...

I am because I can be.

Kappa said...

I'm a chaser, a snatcher, a grade A bomb so nuclear,
I drink at every bar; I sell my disease to every patient.
I'm a screamer, I'm a geezer, I'm a twenty thousand watt amplifier,
everything feels like my playground now.

I'm a transformer,an impostor, my own bomb dismantler,
I am a virus in disguise, with only my eyes to hide.
i am a penetrator, a sinner, a bone chilling comforter,
My mirth begins when you are in deep sleep.

I'm a liar , a craver, a carbon monoxide infiltrator,
Wherever i go, trouble follows.
I'm a striker, a biter, a Vampire Motorcycle Rider,
Hey, but let me tell you about my Alter Ego.

I'm a cracker, a toker, I'm the funniest story teller,
I make believe the skies are under my feet.
I'm a snoozer, I'm a "Kramer", I talk faster than Chris Tucker,
I'm right here but way out of your reach.

I'm a stalker,a watcher, I'm a "whatever i've taken a holder",
Yeah and i am still unemployed.
I'm a smoker, i'll make friends even with a stammerer,
I am just a little faster than your average lawn mower.

I'm a mocker, a conner, I am a spoon fed eater,
I am shy and talkative at the same time.
I'm a pepper, i'm a sweetener,and i can even be sour,

You see, mostly i am a confuser!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Good God.. i am a believer...

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

oh shit. elKPtans comment kinda r00ls... 2 of us combined alas...

-Baby V

Kappa said...

ah dhang you

hey i was supposed to use a line from a song to end it

so here it goes :

"I could have been...
One of these things first" - Nick Drake

( garden state OS )

GJA said...

i was here puppy and vaiju...and u know how!!