Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Not Kriket


Puppy Manohar

"This is where I belong, infinity and beyond" - Anorexia


Anonymous said...

Dear Peppy

If inswinging yorkars are maharashtrians, how come Pakistani bowlers deliver them all the time?

Baby V
"It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry" - Bob Dylan

Anonymous said...

This is just in:

"D00d my parents have seen a giirl for my bro. I told them I am looking for a bro for my girl" - the one and only.

Pri said...

what a wonderful picture. where's the one i was promised oh i dunno weeks ago??

angry reader

Anonymous said...

The only plausible answer, dear baby V, is that the failing Pakistani economy has driven their fast bowlers to moonlight as ob/gyns in Yerwada and beyond.

Logic is pwnism.


Shoonyata said...

happy my eyes cd see the dot without glasses. backfoot, flick between the door and blackboard.

Painkiller Underscore Overdose said...

this one deserves the visual picture of, of LMAO.
Good job.