Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Confessions of a Confused Mind

Dear Baby Vaijayanti,

I have recently changed. Not by huge degrees, I don't think. Yes, I am guilty of all the terrible things you are about to accuse me of and fully deserve every squishy tomato and rotten egg that comes my way. A chill wind has blown in to town bringing with it confused dreams. In these dreams, I am always at the edge.At the top of a building, the edge of a cliff. Or my bed. My imagination conjures up images which seem so close to reality that I feel like I'm actually living in my dream.

It sometimes seems as if blogging is such a paradoxical activity. In the interests of clarifying my position, I disapprove on principle of banning anything just because it offends someone.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I received an SMS from a good friend that her puppy had died -- her 4-month old puppy that she had just adopted not too long before that. I loathe being inside practically alone and on my own. OH MAN! My blog is so depressing. Like, please, I need to get a life. Life was worth stuff of greater value, of deep philosophy and great research ideas rather than spending an evening celebrating romanticism and specialness full of crap.

They say that if your concepts are clear in your head when you're a child, you'll never forget them, and they will always make sense. When I look back at myself as a child, I can't remember ever having a goal. The times around us are a changing, or they have changed. And we who sit and work in glass houses are not aware of the passing of time in the world outside. So you know how I said, when I come here and gripe about whatever is bothering me, I am able to see it in a lighter vein, well, I'm back for the same therapy again.

Have you ever wondered if your life is determined by the choice you make or are you destined to make that choice? All this enthusiasm about creating a blog, so many thoughts..Now that there is a blog both the thoughts & enthusiasm seem to have vanished. A friend has told me that my blog must have a PURPOSE . It has to be something that I am deeply passionate about and feel for from the bottom of my heart. The only thing tough is to avoid talking about matters of the heart.Where is fun when there is restraint?Did I contradict myself here?

Does it help to know the universe is watching your every move, every bate [farging sic] of the eyelid, every smile and every expression?


Puppy Manohar.

PS: I'm sorry. I didn't really write any of this. All of this was written by that uber-blogger-geek who does nothing but sits in his basement all day and churn out fake blogs under pseudonyms (usually female, but sometimes male as well). I think he is trying to attract female attention but, sadly for him, the only people who seem to comment on his blogs are his other pseudobloggerIDs. I merely copy-pasted from his many blogs. I hope this clears a few things up for you. By "a few things", I mean do not ever fall for the charms of a "lady" blogger. It is most likely the same guy.

PPS: "Sending out an SMS" - The Police / Puppy Manohar.

PPPS: For KP: This post was made by copy-pasting from random female blogs. One line from blog 1, one line from blog 2, nth line from blog n. Understand?


Pri said...

wat wat wat? we are muchly offended.

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Ms. In Denver,

The hidden moral of the story:

Never take seriously the writings of a Canine or a Baby.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Puppy Manohar

"Take me home tonight" - Eddie Money

Aparna said...


Your blog truly makes an interestin read. As regards this particular piece...ahem no comments (smile)

??! said...

I see one line from mine, and stolidly take the many blows you so sarcastically threw.

Bad doggie!

Is ok, we still luww you. A little less than Baby V, but luww nonetheless.

Stone Guard said...

An interesting offshoot of your insightful word-art is the question of femininity and pwnism. Are these concepts alien to one another or can they coexist in a bitter d├ętente? As a lover of women, and as a fanatic advocate of pwnism, I feel I can offer a rather unique perspective on this matter.
As always, I turn first to platitudes for wisdom. 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' and 'For the female of the species is more deadly than the male' indicate clearly that women can be worthy pwners in their own right, but let me narrow the scope of this current discussion. The key question, it would seem, is this - can women effectively retain their femininity while adopting an avatar of pwnage?
Consider Kali - ferocious Hindu goddess, the archetypal female pwner. While her ability to pwn is perhaps second to none, one cannot help but feel that her divine persona is fairly devoid of femininity. This can be traced back all the way to her rather ignominious genesis as the black tongue of Agni - certainly not ladylike. For a more contemporary example, consider potential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Without her asexual pantsuit, America would hardly believe her capable of the pwnism required to lead the Free World.
This is a problem faced by millions of strong, professional women (and some gay men) across today's corporate world. As they strive to have sex in the City, or wear lipstick in the jungle, or whatever it is that the television instructs them to do, they struggle to reconcile their feminine side with the harsh realities of the 1337 pwnism that is needed to climb ladders and shatter glass ceilings and such.
So is all hope lost then? Are female pwners doomed to be relegated to the level of awkward looking men? I think not. There are always exceptions to any rule, and I do believe that in the study of these exceptions lies the salvation of all womankind. One prime example is Xena, warrior princess (not to be confused with Xenu, galactic terrorist). Even the most casual perusal of her in action clearly shows that she straddles being feminine and being a pwner with the same ease with which she straddles her trusty steed. She represents hawtness, and she represents pwnism, but more than anything she represents hope.


Karnail Singh Ahluwalia, PwD

Anonymous said...

Caution: Please do not read the above comment with the naked eye. Unprotected exposure to Pwnage can debilitate an untrained human ocular apparatus.

As responsible bloggers and also as a mark of respect to the sheer pwntasity of the above comment, we announce that, there shall be no more comments after this.

All comments on this post hence forth shall be deleted. Commentators have been advised.

This is the least we can do.

Baby V.
"Of all the education that I missed. But my homework was never quite like this" - Diamond Dave.

Puppy Manohar said...

...or not.


- Puppy M

Puppy Manohar said...

Dr. KSA-ji,

We are grateful for your insightful comments. Truly, Pwnesh (the God of MPwnotheism) has bestowed upon you a capacity for pwnage that the average butter-chicken loving Sardar cannot comprehend. I am yet to see a more l337 pwner emerge from the fertile soil of the Pwnjab.

Look forward to your next discourse,

Yours Humbly,

Puppy Manohar

Pri said...

we expected you to take part in the drawing competition. we thought we were friends. sob.

Anonymous said...


You know what they say about little children, little puppies and KP?

You should never expect anything from them.

Baby V

unpredictable said...

Dear little girl and her pet doggie,

I have tagged you. You may choose to not be tagged. But maybe you will choose to?

Ms Tic, Unpredictable.