Friday, May 02, 2008

It's Like Raiiiiiiiiin

Dear Puppy Manohar,

The world's most beautiful flower which no one saw,
Because it grew on the railings of the 110 freeway.
The nobel laureate's speech that no one paid heed
Because they were laughing at his lisp.
The meaning of life that everyone forgot about
Cos it was followed by a flippant "I was just kidding"
God came to Earth but no one said "Hi"
While it (sic(sic)) played as a poor little black slave child.
The two lovers who were made for each other
But never fell in love because they belonged to different income groups.
The only two fans of one man film industry 'T Rajendra' in the world
Who killed each other in the hindu-muslim riots of '93.
The only book of world's only 154 absolutely (and I mean absolutely) useless inventions
Which was burnt by clergymen for its satanic overtones.
Researchers discovered that diabetes can be cured
With a substance only found in the colon of Dodos.

Now isn't that ironic. Is it?

Baby V
"If you torture me all night and I start speaking Spanish the next morning, I will be grateful to you the rest of my life" - Tariq Ali.


km said...

The only two fans of one man film industry 'T Rajendra' in the world
who killed each other in the hindu-muslim riots of 93.

Beautiful, man.

narendra shenoy said...

I thought and I thought
Tying my eyebrows into a knot
Ironic life is, of that there is no doubt
For, while we may scream and we may shout
About things that matter to us
And cause us to kick up a fuss
The precious ones have quietly fled
Like the hair on my head
Of course, one should not speak before one has thunk
And definitely should not write verse when one is drunk
But what the hell, this blog is swell, it's democratic and free, because it belongs to baby v.

maami said...

Baby Girl
Commendable thoughts.
Quite Joycean. Prosaic people like me are pwned by stream of consciousness thoughts.
Puppy M, could you pass on my message while she tickles your ears please?
Missus M,
Secretary, Vathalagundu Maami Association

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Arigato Mami

JJ turns in his grave.

Many Most alasities on calling it stream of consciousness. Stream of conscientiousness perhaps.


"The precious ones have quietly fled. Like the hair on my head" We like to refer to ourselves as Epidermaly Disabled.

Baby V

Pri said...

T rajendra fan number 12983 - present saar. alive.

Christmas Annihilator said...

when the only thing u ever wanted was on the 29th floor
and u've got vertigo

when u wanted to curse the word verification and u've got

when u turn on the radio to hear Epidermally Disabled by BVPM, but instead u have to put up with Alanis Morisette singing ironic
Hate that slut

"Ah shure..this aint good life
aaaahhhhhh Elegantly Wasted"

Bikerdude said...

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