Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To BT. Or Not To BT


Da said...

it should be BS

to bs or not to bs

Anonymous said...

or how about

to read or not to read.

Baby V
P.S: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzq5cfw4Of8&feature=related

narendra shenoy said...

BT. Tis the cotton variety, forsooth! Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to have genetic engineering in cotton. And if you DO have genetic engineering capabilities, why not make a cotton plant which has staples instead of the usual bolls, making it useful in the office. Hope the millions of people reading this blog will cotton on to the idea, which is staple fare after all.

Boll, baby, boll, rock and roll.

narendra shenoy said...

She cotton plant to he cotton plant: Oooh! Your staple is so long!

The pox on this word verification!

Anonymous said...

alas, on the staples. once again a(sic) inadequacy. those were hands. alas. hands with fangs. very most alas.

But the author does have an inexplicable history with staplers. The author is a closet stapling machine itself(sic).

Baby V.
"coopv" word verif.

Bikerdude said...

I was planning to remain grimly silent on this one (owing to the fact that I liked it for altogether different reasons), however the word verification beckoned me - as it read 'pwngj'

I kid you not. OK? OK.

Anonymous said...


pwngj? vao. clearly a blessing from Pwnesh the God of Pwnage.

baby V

narendra shenoy said...


Reminds me of a popular medieval hindi movie song.
O ji O ji Loji sunoji karta hoon main jo woh tum bhi karo ji one two ka four four two ka one.

The one which one the Bollywood poetry prize in 1990.

Pri said...

u lost me at namskara.

Anonymous said...

Dear KPri and Bikerd00d,

Do you guys chat on our comment space?

Atleast KPri uses our comment space to convey subtle messages to bikerd00d.

Its ok with us. However, can some form of rent be negotiated?

Baby V.
"I dont care too much for money" - Lennon McCartney.

Pri said...

demit!! they know.

Pri said...

bd: mysorepak dabbi kaali aagoythu. begaa kalsi. shenoy maama amreeka barthaaranthe. baruvaaga suitcase mostly kaali anthe. vaapas hoguvaaga mrs avarige enaadru straightening Irannu kalstheeni. chakli kodbele nu kalsi. aa okay tata.

aa amele eee baby puppy avaru gemini circus indanaa?

Bikerdude said...

aiyo kutty baby ma pri kanna

so sweet ma, you brushed teeth aa? Yes actually subbamma angadi bill came yesterday, I sent Malini Sananthkumar to pay it. Just let Hariprakash know about that toiletbrush issue na?

And listen, send Mumtaz that kadhi patta bill no?

PM&BV: Thanks to you the family is talking again. Tera laakh laakh sugar hay. Please take Rs 3 and annas 8 only as token of appreciation.