Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sachin! Sachin!

Was invited to this:

Its high time to knight Sachin Tendulkar, it seems. In fact, its high to abolish the British monarchy.

In response to the countless "Tendulkar is God" claims. Here is a BHAJAN dedicated to our God, Tendulkar. Apologies to the real Sachin Tendulkar, the person - this is unfair to you.

Tendulkar is God, but i'm an atheist so go f!@#! yourself
Tendulkar is God? He should be abolished then.
Tendulkar is God, that's why he drives around in a tax free ferrari through a city that has probably the largest urban slum in the world. that's just the kind of bastigery thing a god would do inni?
Tendulkar is God but he is your creation.
Tendulkar is God, poor tendulkar. He isn't that old, unfair, evil and bad at his job.
Tendulkar is God, lets commit genocides under his name.
Tendulkar is God, How many more centuries (ah dhang you) will it take before you let him go.
Tendulkar is God, I dont know whom I hate more, him or his fans?
Tendulkar is God, Just like God perhaps his fans are much bigger f!@#tards than he is.
Tendulkar is God, which is why people stop doing any sort of constructive activity that may benefit them or their families directly and instead spend their time gazing at a facsimile of him in a metal and plastic box.
Tendulkar is God and what are you? his messenger? okay now you have given the message. now fuck off.
Tendulkar is God and just like a good God, he will never help you win.
Tendulkar is God, the louder you sing his praise the bigger tit you are.
Tendulkar is God, the more you worship him the lesser your chances of getting laid.
Tendulkar is God, he is as good at the restaurant business as God is with his creation.
Tendulakr is God, Drink Pepsi and go to heaven (sooner)
Tendulkar is God, Awesome! Can't wait for him to retire.
Tendulkar is God. His fans are the primary culprits in making his game an indecent, pervert atrocity.
Tendulkar is God. "Who is saying that? I don't know brother" - Dr. Zakir Naik.

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Fungal Sutra said...

Tendulkar is God, but he's not a match winner.
If you say he is, you're a liar! You sinner!

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