Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dead Body

We have more claims to the corpse of a loved one than our own.
Now isn't that ironic?
No it isn't.
Isn't it tragic?
No it isn't, Irony is not for every body. Live with it.
Pun is. Laugh.
Deconstruction is the last refuge of the satirist.
That's why post-modern architectures look like refugee camps.


Anonymous said...

are you on shrooms or crack? hold on...acid I think

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous - If that is even your real name - Just be grateful I let your anonymous comments to published.

Only a person named Anonymous will not invent some ridiculous name to stay anonymous on a blog named Puppy Manohar.

Also who writes "Hold On" in written text? It doesn't mean anything. Put a comma or those ludicrous "..."

Anonymous said...

Another advise for anyone commenting as Anonymous in the future. Try inventing a name. If nothing comment as "Lazy F!@#" since you don't even want to put the effort of imagining a false name.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..looks like you are having a bad trip.