Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Religion: Other, Caste: Pwner

Dear Suresh Kumar

I am happy to inform you that the Indian Institute of Pwnage has considered your application in the above post and the panel of illustrious judges has decided to award you with the "Pwnage of the week" award.

For the next one week, you can proclaim yourself to be of the "Pwner" caste. You shall be considered for the permanent "Pwner" caste status. In the event, that you dine with or marry (unsanctioned copulation permitted) a person of lower caste, this privilege shall be revoked.

Kindly contact us for any more details. Your Pwnage Certificate and specially crafted twice-pwned thread shall be mailed to you soon.

Dr. Mrs. Sunil Thodomal, Phd.
Learn how to Pwn! Let us PwN you!
Warning: Overexposure to Pwnage can lead to death or brain damage.

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Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Warning: Those of you fargtards who think this post is a cowardly sarcastic response to the affirmative action for Dalits and indigenous people of India and want to use it as "cool sounding" argument against reservations in conversations where you want to "appear unbiased and not caring" whilst simultaneously being against reservations or if you think reservations and affirmative action in India is an example of bad "Casteism in India" or if you say, "our politics is so caste based yaa(r)!" when you hear of a dalit politician,

can suck my c!@#.

This post may not be reproduced in any such context.

There we go- This will get rid of almost all our readership which is almost entirely Brahmin, predominantly Tam Bram.

Anonymous said...

..and the Saraswats too. If they are even Brahmins...and lets face it...they are not but they are still c@#ts of equal magnitude nevertheless.

Baby V

brahmebbodam suriyanarayana iyer said...

what does fargtards mean?

sagarika said...

Dear BV & PM,

Really love your blog.

A friend of mine in Berlin is putting together an art project: 100 photos, and getting 100 people to write 100 words for one each. Think it would be really fun if you wrote, as he wants to make it quite international. The photos are quite beautiful. Would you like to contribute? Facebok me if so, I'm Sagarika Sundaram!



Anonymous said...

Dear Puppy Manohar

I know what you are thinking. You are planning to reply with some brilliant come back based on, "A picture is worth a thousand words"

I am thinking of it myself but can't think of anything quite witty on those lines.

Sagarika has spoken about 50 words, the submission itself will be 100 words. This letter itself can not be accounted for yet since I haven't finished it, so it gets in to predictive analysis. Dynamic Programming? I have consumed approx 100 words till now. So we have to finish the discussion about this picture in 750 words approx.

Anything more than that would be more than what the picture is worth. No matter what we submit, it will be quite dumb and inane, since we have discussed and thought of it in only 750 - now 700 words (since i used up around 50 after my first account) Argh! 680.

Baby V
P.S: Aah the pressure of abiding by conventional wisdom! 670.
P.P.S: I have never known if they count prepositions, conjunctions and pronouns as words in word counts.
Dam we have to finish discussing about this picture in 650 words only. That's less man! A picture is really not worth a lot of words if you really think about it!