Monday, September 17, 2007

YKK Part Deux

Dear Baby,

I TOLD you there was something fishy about the YKK corporation. I wrote about it here. Now see what they've done!

This, mind you, is in Times Square! This is the heart of New York City! They are taking over the world! One zipper at a time!

Beware, baby, beware! (try saying that 15 times really fast)


Puppy Manohar.

"The shadow of the Wicker man is rising up again" - Iron Maiden

1 comment:

Kappa said...

Another "lolable" or "decieving" ( for the better or for the worse.. i really dont care.. atleast about the ones who are losing faith) poll
of the day

If all the girls are gonna get into those zippers what is going to happen to all the boys who are against those zippers?

A.. &*^% that shit.. I am parttaying naked

B.. Easy solution you retards.. wear a six buttoned and a six pocketed pant. Girls love complications. I mean six buttons. Thats six minutes to open up for them.

C.. I simply love YKK man!! I am even gonna have zips on my shoes. Laces can go tie the %$#^ up.

D.. I really dont care cause i own the cutest dog which all the girls adore. What i am gonna do is tie its leash to my zip. That way my dog takes me out for a walk instead of the other way round. When they will pet my dog they will notice the new brand.

E..Its not what's on the pant but what's inside the pant that really matters

F..I am gonna be dressed all in zip. a suspender, a belt and the other generals that look like the inner spokes of the zip. So as to say i am gonna look Bulletproof

Ye guys know where to e_mail

"Tonight i am gonna take you zippy dipping on the tranquil waters of Le Vice".. KP