Monday, January 28, 2008

In LOL We Trust

a parking lol
a whole lotta lol
lol along the watchtower
inloluntary action

Lol of fame
The house is a loling don't bother knocking
Pay lol
the Loldives

Lol Sabha
Manlolan Singh
Road Safety PatLol
Border Patlol
spring lol

A Lolling stone gathers no moss
Lolsy compression
halol meats

Lola Rajpat Rai
Lol Bahadur Shastri

Lols of nature
Lolo Sapiens
lolitical party

Real Lolitik
Lolgic gates

Lolcal area network
calolific content
Maglolia Blvd
Steel Maglolias

On Palol
Standing Lolation
Can you increase the lolume, please?
Flolic acid

beauty parlol
Fidlol on the roof
What's lol got to do with it?

Don't think twice, it's lol right
Loling in the wind
Lol of the dice
lol before the storm
Lollow Man
Internet Protolol

Lol Street Journal
Dalol Street
Mirror Mirror on the Lol
Cos after all, you're my wonder lol
United we stand, divided we LOL



Mahogany said...

LOL for one
One for LOL
And One Ring to rule them LOL

Santa CLOLs said...

Once upon a LoL, a lolly good sailor, lolled upon a
lollepeno. He found it so spicy that tears started to
spring from his eye lols and he lost all his lolter.

Lol is kinda lolly with a spooky little boy like you.
Your lol is like bad medicine.
Lol day long
Lolly wants a cracker

Do ya wanna get lolled?
Do ya, don cha wan me to lol you? Lolter Lalter
Lolmost Honest
Lolling my religion ( Yes!! all possible puns fully
and consciously intended.
I anyone is offended, plese free feel to lol so)

He is the Lolkillaaahahahahahahahh

santa cLOLs also said...

On Sunday, one of the writers can be spotted having LOLch at BiLOL

"How come you're always such a lolly young man" - Lol It

LoL Heads said...

once a loller met a loller in a lolling train, the loller asked the loller what was his lolling name, the loller told his lolling name was a loller, thus the loller lolled the loller in the lolling train

"Lolaway Train always comes back"-
LoL Asylum

Pri said...

giggle giggle

Anonymous said...

lol heads. bad loller:

wrong: the loller asked the loller what was his lolling name,

right: the loller asked the loller what his lolling name was.

the loller asked the loller, "what is your lolling name?"

the loller asked the loller, "what was his lolling name?"

Baby V

unpredictable said...

*Bows to the Greatness on this space*


lol heads said...

baby v,


there is no such thing as a bad

We have the awesome lols and the good lols. Much like a pizza. no not the mystic ones!..just the general hoggable ones

Shoonyata said...

i want LOLa-kutty. pl.

Anonymous said...

Oh! You are one of those "pizza lovers".

In any case, thats where you got pwned. Your love for Pizza has blinded you, much like Dhritharashtras love for Duryodhana blinded him of westernized notions of abstract justice.

There are bad pizzas. A few illustrations are:

1) All pizzas sold by corporate chains viz. Pizza Hut etc. They are pure evil and I don't think any reasonable person will disagree.

2) Ready to eat pizzas (much like any ready-to-eat food, except the one mummy makes) which you get in grocery stores. In fact, 1 ~= 2.

(2 marks have been achieved, 1 for the answer, 1 for the examples.)

The only good pizzas ever possible:
1) Pizza made at home/ restaurant from scratch.

2) Any pizza that mummy makes. (remember the 80s-90s? the small pizzas, with cheese and other goodies with maggie tomato ketchup?)

(1 more extra point acchieved with a "V.Good" remark by the teacher)

-Baby V.

Anonymous said...

the only kind of pizza (pijjha) worth eating must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Monginis pizza 'bread'

2. Low grade tomato ketchup with significant pumpkin content (maggi can be substituted in a pinch)

3. A distinct layer of AMUL cheese (twice the weight of the bread is a good start)

Optional toppings can include red onion, capsicum (not green peppers) and roma tomato. At the risk of appearing pretentious, canned mushrooms may be used.

ps - tr00 pwners are too 1337 for pizza hut.

unpredictable said...

AtLoLcious this is!!!

Keep Pizza out of this. I'm warning you! Pizza is the best. Pizza is GLOLd.

"If I was a lesser person, I'd be a TLoll, but I am who I am" - Unpredictable, Ms. Tic

??! said...

Rip LoL Winkle (LoL Van Winkle?)

Ok enough now.

fungal sutra said... ga. don't LOL.
-Bangalol to Lol Angeles

Jane Doe said...

For he's a lolly good fellol,
for he's a lolly good fellol,
for he's a lolly good fe-he-lol,(pause)
And so say lol of us.

S4 said...

this blog is

LOL --> Linguistically Overdone Lol

S4 said...

dat was meant to be a recursive comment LOL

-S4-Sudhakar Fomra

Stupidosaur said...

When talking of LOL, talk of PJs, not Pizzas.

-Rip Van ;)LOL

GJA said...

Lol Radha Lol
Lol Badshah
Lol Quilla
Lol Angeles.
Kay Lol maajavlaay!
wat a whack a lol this is