Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Dear KP (alias el KPtan) and Pri (alias Bengloorgirlindenver),

It is with epiphanous shock that Baby V and I bring this announcement to you. From this day forth, we ( Baby V and I ) declare both of you to be the same person.

This conclusion was arrived at in rather sudden fashion. In the course of our daily discussions, we (Baby V and I) realised that there was a distinctly KPesque tone to your correspondences. Upon further discussion, some facts about you became clear.

Both of you live in Houston ----> (1)

There is a mysterious relationship between Ma' Man JC and His Big Daddy. They are both different in that JC iz da werd made flesh and Big Daddy is da idea. -------> (2)

From (1) and (2) we get that Pri and KP are the same person, to be addressed henceforth as KPri.

The third, and perhaps most compelling, bit of evidence is that neither of us has seen both of you together.

This day shall mark the beginning of our Pilot Program. For the sake of administrative efficiency, all correspondences hitherto addressed to KP / Pri shall be addressed to KPri.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Puppy M and Baby V

"Tonight is the night when 2 become 1" - Spice Girls


kasaragode mangatha said...

Allow me to humbly bring your attention to the following. KPri is in fact Nuggehalli Gujjegowda, chief peanut seller, BV& PM fan club, T Narsipura District, and is posing in drag to carry out all manner of secret activities which shall be divulged at the appropriate time.

It is in the affected parties' better interest to continue the consumption of those rather interesting mushrooms on their dinner table until such time.

Anonymous said...


I heart Kasargod, Kerala. I heart NH 17

Baby V.

narendra shenoy said...

@kasargode mangatha- That was the funniest thing I've heard in a long while! *Roarin with Lafter*

Anonymous said...

Mr Narendra Shenoy

Please refrain from hitting on girls/guys on our comment space, without prior permission.

Baby V

Gayatri said...

Mr Narendra,

We found your profile while we were aimlessly lingering on Somehow we got transferred here.

This is rather unusual but we have been trying to get out 25 year old boy..sorry MAN get married. He is a great man. Very kind and gentle. He likes the outdoors, loves to travel, read books, play sports and going for regular jogs.
Financially he is very stable. He is a software engineer ( but who is'nt these days you might ask). Well he is getting into real estate also and is on his last stage of getting his Green Card processed.

He also likes stalking little insects crawling on fresh green grass and bringing them back to the doorsteps of his potential boyfriends. Oh dont worry, he is a virgin.

If you are interested please email him on

He seems to be obsessed with the wisdom attached to it.

We have only 1 condition:
You must take his last name.

Thank You,
The Saxena Family

Stalker Subramani said...

Dear Chi. Sow. Baby V and Chi. Ry. (Dr.)Puppy M,

As official stalker of this blog, I take violent exception to the fact Kasaragode Mangatha, chairperson of the multiple personalities residential association located in my head, has not been accorded the dignity and respect due to her. You may heart her native place, but I humbly request that you have a heart, and a heart to heart with her regarding the funding of temporary housing facilities for new entrant personalities.

Who is this gayatri person? My personality association reports that she is of alien origin. It has therefore decreed that anything she says by virtue of being so, maybe automatically considered irrelevant.

I humbly request you to take the necessary action and oblige.

With best wishes for the oncoming Ramanavami celebrations.

S. Subramani

kasaragode mangatha said...

Dear Smt Narendra Shenoy,

I, Sir Bhaktavatsalam V, otherwise known as K.M.Atha, would like to record the fact that I am highly flattered at your entendre. Might I politely add at this point that whenever you wish to 'ave it on with me (or fancy a tumble luv), kindly apply in triplicate to the offices of Chi Sow Baby V and Chi Ry Puppy M, and await a response responses.

Rest assured that few and far between as such requests for umm err are, you will receive a speedy reply, barring red tape from the honoured offices of Chi Sow Ry Baby V and Puppy M (esq).

Thanking you, yours in love (Rowwwrrr),

Sexy Knickers
a.k.a Kasaragode Mangatha

Pri said...

i am officially removing drishti for all of you.

KP said...

Now Now Now

Lets not put our feet off the gas pedal and let go of the steering wheel. Maybe we can connect our gas pedal to our brake lights.

Just when we are being christened with a new name, a new life, a new soul ( perhaps ), you wanna dive into realms of loneliness?

There will be no Absolution here
and in any case, "Prevention is better than cure"

"Look before you leap"

No , i am not the one who will hold your hand, but if you like it, i wont stop it.

and yes "last but not the least":

"dhruthagathiyil cheyyunna kaaryangal paazhaayi pokum"

SuperLame Cliche Master
Call now!! and get me out of here

"Ah keep your eyes on the road
And your hands upon the wheel"
- The Doors

narendra shenoy said...

Dear Mul Tiple Personality

I am honored to have my attentions and affections reciprocated. In the great automobile race of life, the gas pedal of our destiny has been pressed to the floor of our abilities. The gear shift lever of our life has been shifted to the overdrive position of love and the fuel efficiency of our sincerity is as great as the low spare part cost of our spirituality.

Ever yours

N. Shenoy.

Anonymous said...

Aha! I knew it. KP and that Disco-dandiya Pri had to be the same.

--IPL is the future WWE of India--Anonymous