Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ballad of Sir Sam

Ballad of Sir Sam
Until thou indulge in oblivion fascination
Of Sexual gratification through self-stimulation
To all who hark, I shall tell a story
Words long lost in time, a tale so hoary

Once upon a time in the Scythian race
Was born a sage with a sarcastic face
A believer he was of devout image
But many had suffered of his eccentric rage

Sambrani Kumar he is known in the mundane world
Perish the world shall his wrath unfold
Bravely went once for the GRE test
To go to US where 'THEY' are at best

Amidst the test mother nature did call
He had to visit foremost of all
Shitting with pants is a difficult effort
So removed his pants and kept only his shirt

But when it came to wearing it back
The pant so promptly hung on the rack
The underwear rebelled and fell in the hole
The crap in the potty had taken its toll

Liberate me from this shit it cried
Lest for the god the mortal had died
In a manner only to a god shall befit
Sambrani put his industrious hands in it

Thus Sambrani the rocker with courage so scanty
Emancipated the troubled soul of his panty
Then shy of its hideous deed of treachery
The underwear couldnt show its face to the fairy
Liberate me my Lord of form so dainty
For thou are the only "savior of panty"
The witty Sambrani grasped the innuendo
And flung the panty out of the window

History has known and time will see
Even today if thou go for GRE
Can see this piece of lingerie
Blissful in freedom, Hanging on a tree

To end with we see sense is ephemeral
Alas, Not all stories have a moral
For wankers are those who found something to learn
Impotent they are who listen for fun

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