Friday, January 15, 2010

Q 6 B) Write an Autobiography of a License Agreement : (10 marks)

Here I stand head in hand
Turned my face to the wall"
- John Lennon.

Though, I am probably the first text document you probably ever read when you installed your favourite Operating System, I am still unknown to you. No, I am not a driver, no I am not a installation manual, no I am not writing no so many times because I am pessimistic. This is because, my teacher cuts points if I don't pretend to be enigmatic in an autobiography. An exaggerated positive point of view (supported by exaggeratedly optimistic view points) can be found in my essay above Q 6 A) India, the super power of the 21st century ! ?.
I am a License Agreement. Not an ordinary one at that; I am the License Agreement of Windows. As nobody really remembers the time of his birth, I donot remember the place and circumstances under which I was born. (Authors note: I have never understood why all kids write this line is all autobiographies, is it the enigma of the process of birth or the futility of life prompted by over competitive exams) I had a very traumatic childhood as for as long as I remember my parents have always furnished me in court, where I have been interrogated ruthlessly, and been heavily debated to know whose side I take.
I am told I was born on an Apple Macintosh of Bill Gates.....
I have to rapidly finish this composition as time is short .... I had to write this essay very quickly...100 marks 180 minutes;10 marks : 18 minutes. And as usual , I cannot complete my paper..... so I will end this essay hastily adding some worthless comments to impart conituity.

I am sad as nobody has ever read me, they all say "I do" and then they never bother to peruse my contents. I wish there would be someone who would read me and sue my parents Microsoft, for taking their users for granted.

"He came, he saw
He haw He Haw"
- some other female blogger on blogspot

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