Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Chutiya Kingdom

Dear Puppy M

What is striking about this bit of history is:

"The hostilities with the Ahoms began in 1376 when the Ahom king, Sutuphaa, was killed by the Chutiya king during a friendly encounter."

Friendly encounter, eh? who is the Chutiya now?

Baby Vaijayanthi
P.S: Please see the comment section.


Gurudutt Shenoy said...
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Gurudutt Shenoy said...

Dear Baby V and Puppy M

I am highly disappointed in you. You have blatantly plagiarised from Naren maam, my beloved uncle's blog.

Narendra Shenoy recently discovered about the Chutiya Kingdom on his blog. You so cheaply copied it without even acknowledging it.

Shame on you

Gurudutt Shenoy (Mrs.)

Gurudutt Shenoy said...

Link again so that its clickable

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Gurudutt Shenoy

That is actually not true. We had read about this years ago and had many a merry private conversations on this topic but until recently had decided to keep the blog relatively profanity free (except kprofuse use of KProfanity ofcourse)

But then since we can not substantiate that claim with any verifiable document, we thought what we will do is invent a Shenoy-ey name "Gurudutt" and pretend to be Narendra Shenoy's nephew and use that as a kind of conduit to acknowledge Narendra Shenoy out of the goodness of our hearts.

Although you should remember that you, Gurudutt are entirely fictional, non existing and essentially a patsy. And, we read the Chutiya Kingdom wiki article much before you and the entire Shenoy Clan.

It very well could be that this wiki article has been written by Puppy Manohar Enterprise. There is no way to tell, is there now?

Baby V.

narendra shenoy said...

Gahhahaaaa!! Gurudutt, my beloved nephew is right. All your chutiyas are belong to us!

Nitha said...

The 'friendly encounter' referred to in the article was a regal practice, whose origins have now been lost to antiquity, peculiar to the region which is presently known as Assam, wherein kings of neighbouring territories grabbed each other's testicles (mostly fondly) as a show of solidarity and common cause... This tragedy, I suppose, was one of the many fall-outs of what is otherwise a dangerous thing to do anyway.