Monday, November 06, 2006

And now ... a lesson on "Microcredit."

Dear Puppy,

"We tried to ignore it," he says. "But then skeleton-like people began showing up in the capital, Dhaka. Soon the trickle became a flood. Hungry people were everywhere. Often they sat so still that one could not be sure whether they were alive or dead. They all looked alike: men, women, children. Old people looked like children, and children looked like old people."

Do you know who said this? You will never know, Puppy. Cos you read "The Times of India". You are a party "animal" (ah dhang you). All that interests you, are glossy supplements with ostentatious images of yippies shaking their bourgeois bodies.

But I am happy for you. The Times is printed for little cute puppies like you. I'm sure you'll get brighter. Our experiments will succeed one day. Then you will start reading Washington Post and The Hindu, listen to NPR and "read news blogs" and identify yourself with "Libertarians" and "Left Leaning Intellectuals" and have house warming parties with Jack Daniels and pretty women, playing blues on guitar and get praised for over-extended fraudulent harmonica solos.

Baby Vaijayanthi.
"Pink is like Red, but not quite"- Aerosmith.


vee-jay said...

vaijayanthi loves baby vaijayanthi & puppy manohar

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

is it a lou? or a lev? or a lough?

Alice In Wonderland said...

ROTFL...has Baby evolved to a Left Leaning Individual enough??

Seriously, where do you get your dough from?

Chethana said...

subtle, sensitive, smart-ass. like most other things you write.