Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A Tout Le Monde,

Baby and I have come up with a whole list of words beginning with "quiet" that are not used very often these days.
So here goes:

quiecity - quiet energy
quiesense - A moment of quietness
quietability - The ability to become quiet
quietacious - Tending to be quiet
quietactic - A person suffering from quietness
quietage - Period of quietness
quietaholic - One who is addicted to quiet
quietall - A quiet beverage
quietallica - A quiet Metal band
quietance - A state of being quiet
quietanesia - The island of quietness
quietanic - The quiet ship
quietanol - A quiet alcohol (quiet + OH) - the major ingredient of quietall
quietante - A professional quietist
quietarium - A public place for the display of quiet
quietary - A place where quiet is cultivated
quietatia - The continent of quiet
quietatonic - Of or relating to the quiet Tones
quietection - The mechanism by which quiet is propagated
quietellite - A quiet heavenly body
quietender - A server of quiet
quietendom - The fundamental right to quiet
quietener / quietenier - A practitioner of quiet
quietephor - A figure of speech employing quiet
quieternia - The ancient land of quiet
quietescule - A small quiet
quietesh - The Hindu God of quiet
quietess - A female quiet
quietia - The ocean of quiet
quietians - Aquatic / Semiaquatic / Amphibious inhabitants of quietia
quietician - A quietcare professional.
quieticle - A particle of quiet
quietidity - The quiet quotient
quietinerary - A timetable of quiet
quietiness - Given or inclined to quiet
quietious - A quiet gifted one
quietipede - An animal with quiet locomotion
quietism - Belief in quiet
quietist - One who practices quietism
quietistification - Conversion to quietism
quietition - A sermon in quietism
quietitivity - The theory of quiet
quietitude - The state of quiet
quietius maximus - The quiet muscle
quietlet - A young quiet
quietochondria - A grain of quiet
quietoderm - Animals with quiet skins
quietography - The art of writing quiet
quietologue - A catalogue of quiet (available at quietariums)
quietology - The science of quiet
quietometer - A device used to measure quiet
quietonate - A quiet mineral
quietonite - A quiet crystal
quietonol / quietene / quietane - Organic quiet compounds
quietoon - quiet feature (series / film) , targeted at children
quietophilia - Love of quiet
quietophobia - Fear of quiet
quietopia - An imaginary place of absolute quiet
quietoplasty - Surgical implant of quiet
quietopsy - A surgical procedure to find quiet
quietor - Demon of quiet
quietoract - A clinical condition marked by the inability to perceive quiet
quietorectomy - Surgical procedure to cure quietoracts
quietOS - The quiet Operating System
quietosity - The physical quantity measuring the property of quiet
quietospace - A network of quiet
quietractor - A device used to measure quiet angles
quietrant - A sector of quiet
quietrimony - The reign of quiet
quietrina - The hurricane of quiet
quietrocilium - The bacterium of quiet
quietron - The subatomic quiet particle
quietrous / quietric acid - quiet acids
quiety - Austere quietness

Learn them!


Puppy Manohar and Baby Vaijayanti

"Duniya ki iss bheed mein, Sabse peeche hum khade" - Ankur Tiwari / Let's Enjoy


Jugular Bean said...

You know, if you look at the word quiet for long enough it starts to look really weird.

Kappa said...

Quietracy - a quiet system of government

Quiettaby - a quiet lullaby

Quietarrat - a quiet parrot

quietalog - a quiet blog

quittennor - a quiet snore

Kappa said...

quiteist - a quiet heist

Siddharth Adelkar said...


Quietocracy - a quiet system of governance.

Quietarchy - a rule of quiet

Quietakeet - a quiet parrot

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

quietocaster - the quiet fender(c) electric

quietindo - the quiet video game

quietophonic - of or relating to the 'sound of silence' (ah dhang you)

quietborne - pervading quiet

quietiness - noise believed to be quiet by Republicans

quietlager - the quiet beer 5% quietanol

quietizo- half white - half quiet.

quietesque- sounding like a quietition

quietamania - the madness of quiet

quietboarding - a sport involving acrobatics on the quietboard

quietadelic - quiet trip

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...