Friday, November 16, 2007

Argumentum ad ignorantiam ?? Ghanta.

Take that!!! Farging Bastiges!
Unbelievers will rot in hell.
Dr. Pandit Jataka Kundali (Mrs.)
Don't call us, we will call you. We know the future.
"When you're lying there in my arms, I'm finding hard to believe we're in heaven" - Bryan Adams


Chinu-fish said...

Dear baby Vijayanti & puppy Manohar,
Although I couldn't interpret this one properly, I do have to mention that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and please remember to eat Turkey. Today there was a suggestion by one angry Turkey that the trend should change & that people should start eating Fish instead of Turkey on Thanksgiving day. I did not take kindly to that suggestion and kicked that Turkey's butt with a sharp splash of water by leaping 3 feet above the water & back-into.
You tell puppy: Do you like to eat Turkey or will you like to eat Fish, although you have never had one (and shouldn't have one)...?

Baby Vijayanti is on pure Veg diet and I really appreciate that; although it wouln't hurt if she ate that thrash-talking Turkey which wants to change things.


PS: In case you guys decide to eat roasted Turkey tomorrow, don't forget to feed me too. Fish love Turkey, it dates back to time of inception of T/G.

Happy belated Deepavali.

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

This is a purely vegetarian blog. No garlic, onions, meat products or preservatives were used during its creation.

Although, no ganja was used i either, since Marijuana is a vegetable, we do not condemn its usage. Unless, it has been preserved in preservatives or cooked in garlic/ onion tadka.

We however, strongly advice users to refrain from sexual intercourse or related activities whilst reading this blog.

Psyche said...

(sorry I had to delete the prev msg. It started with "I can" when I intended to say "I CANT". That just screwed up what I wanted to say.. which is not much.. but still, one always likes to make sense, no?)

Right, the comment:

I can't decide whether your reply to chinu was funnier or the post.

And I am totally going to steal and use "Dont call me, I'll call you, I know the future". Only, I wonder, what sort of a conversation would that be?

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Well.. there is a God :-). And to comment on the comment.. I do have to give thanks to Him.

And what makes you think you could connect astrology and God ?

Chinu-fish said...

I think Gods likes Fish better than other animals. That's what.

P.S. -- My astrological sign is Dinosaurausia

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Chinu Fish,

I like and I ate turkey for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful.


Puppy M

Happy Belated Birthday