Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Eulogy to the Beast

Dearest Puppy Manohar,

Puppy you are my sunshine
Puppy cos you are all mine
Puppy I love you when you purr
Puppy, u are Puppy Manohar
Pup pup pee pee everywhere
Puppy you're my teddy bear
Puppy you have it so flaunt it
Puppy stop being Manohar about it
Puppy you are licking my hand
Puppy you are invading my land
Puppy look the sky is so foggy
Puppy cos you are a little doggy
Puppy are you a crossbreed albino?
Puppy, I am your master you know
Puppy will you grow a big fur?
Puppy u are Puppy manohar
Puppy why do elders have a frown
Puppy why do they have to tie you down
Puppy you will run away they fear
Puppy I can see the inside of your ear
Puppy you reap as you sow
Puppy you ate my GI Joe
Puppy you will choke to death
Puppy dont bite my toyset


Baby Vaijayanthi.

"B ing is to Babies what P ing is to Puppies"


Shiv said...

i don't know why i think this should be sung to the tune of a pink floyd song. like 'hey you' or something...

Shiv said...

no no - mother!

green-eyed goblin said...

baby vailayanti says : Oh puppy you're so fine you're so fine you blow mind ..oh puppy ...oh puppy.....

Siddharth Adelkar said...

Pink- Aerosmith