Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hello Baby Vaijayanti!

Excuse me while I run circles around the dining table. See if you can catch me! No! HAHA you can't! You can't catch me ! You can't catch me! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Baby V, that was not very nice of you. You shouldn't have poured your daddy's brandy into my feeding bowl. Now I am high! HIGHHH!!!! I am enjoying this, however. It's a curious new sensation not often experienced in doggie world. Now I see why your daddy drinks this stuff everyday. It's quite vile, I assure you. I saw that look of disgust on your face when you took a sip of it and yes, even to a dog it tastes like poison. But it makes me feel soooo gooooodd!!!!!11

I can think SOOO clearly now! Bring on the kids who like to pull my tail! I'll bark at them with all my canine glory. No more Doggie Nice Dog! GRRRR! See! I can growl semi-convincingly! GRRRRRRRRRRR! HAHAHAHhahahh


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