Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Fight?

Dear Baby Vaijayanti,

We haven't been conversing as usual for a while now. I wonder, have I done something to upset you? If this is the case, I am very sorry. I know that, at your age, your mental faculties are far from being fully developed, and I should be a little more understanding of your needs. I should have been more sensitive and been the "bigger person", so to speak. Of course, this situation will probably prevail until I die, for humans take a dog's lifetime to reach what, in your species, is defined as maturity. I am sorry, again, for offending you.

It gets frustrating sometimes, to realise that my entire doggie existence will be spent in this game of catch-up, when in fact there will be no catching up. It's funny, isn't it? Evolution put you higher on the food chain, but you take a much longer time to mature. All I will remember are the years of your youth. And you, when you are old, will know nothing of mine. I wish I were 1 month old again.

Forgive me for making this sound like a rant - I didn't mean for this to be the case.

And also, please don't tip my feeding bowl over. I absolutely hate having to eat from the floor.

Unconditional Doggie Love,

Puppy Manohar.


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