Friday, December 28, 2007

Bully and the kids in the dungeon

Dear Puppy Manohar,

In our school we have a bully. She pushes around everyone. Beats up the weak ones. "Protects her friends from harm" and "straightens their enemies". But who has chosen this bully? Why does she and not anyone else get to push everyone else around.

Wouldn't it be cool if we get to choose our bully? Then in that case, she would still do what she wants, but at least we would have the satisfaction of having chosen her. Feels a bit empowered, doesn't it? Sadly, our teacher doesn't let us choose our monitor. She has appointed the bully.
In any case, we are more scared of the teacher than we are of the bully.They say many years ago in 2nd D, the kids planned and created a united front and beat up the bully. When teacher came in, she gave everyone a nice pasting and made them kneel down outside the classroom.Their parents were called. The students concluded that the teacher is the source of all oppression so they all refused to listen to her from the next day and kept talking, screaming and pushing the benches to make that screeching noise.

The teacher then took the kids to the head mistress. It is said that the head mistress locked them in a dark dungeon inside the locked room besides 4th E. No one has heard from those kids ever again. They say that the kids are still locked in. Vincent, the drunkard peon, told me that when he comes early in the morning, he can hear them cry. It's been 20 years now, he says. They have become feral monsters.

Thats why kids don't say anything to the bully because she says if we talk they will feed us to the kids in the dungeon.

How do things work in canine societies? Of course you must not be that civilized. You hardly have any formal social structure. It must be just savage, "any one can do anything" nonsense. Uncivilized bestial anarchy, isn't it? Do you vote for your alpha male/female?

Baby Vaijayanti.

"You take a mortal man. And put him in control. Watch him become a god"(In a strange whining voice like you were just kicked where it hurts)- Dave Mustaine!


Gorilla Bananas said...

I'll tell you how it works in gorilla society. Anyone who bullies a member of my band gets jumped on very heavily.

Petty Talk Peppy said...

and years later he will learn a valuable lesson and never again he will repeat these mistakes.

and then the voices will sing
"There goes my Hero..Watch him as he goes"
-Foo Fighters