Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Alternate Dictionary

Dear all,

Earlier, we gave you a bunch of words that had fallen out of use. This time, we present to you :

Obscure Alternate Meanings of Common Words

Alcohol To help someone pull a heavy load (I'll co haul)
Antagonist One who is committed to the extermination of ants (ant + gone)
Apparent A bad parent (a + parent)
Aromatic Not relating to the country of Italy (a + rome )
Ballistic A primitive sport like cricket (ball + stick)
Board To become like a pig (boar)
Branch A vegetarian meal consumed in the afternoon (variant of brunch)
Colander Someone who is on the same flight as you (co + lander)
Collateral Someone who is as late as you are (co + late)
Constellation A thief stealing from another thief (con + steal )
Contempt A bait for convicts ( con + tempt )
Cupboard Material used to make tupperware
Demeanor A person who demeans everything
Dentist A person who believes in banging into cars (dent)
Dictionary Relating to male genitalia
Dictum Portion of the body below the diaphragm and above the legs
Dinosaur Person with two noses (di + nose)
Economics The science of having one name (from Bangla)
Embargo A visit to places that serve alcohol (bar + go)
Etymology Art of reading time from the internet (e + time + ology)
Flatulent An apartment that has been leased (flat + lent)
Giraffe An animal chart (variant of graph)
Giraffe (Alt meaning) A social faux pas made by an elderly person (ger + gaffe)
Gypsum A small amount of cheating (gyp + some)
Idiosyncracy System of government where idiots and sinners rule (idiot + sin + cracy)
Intuition Currently teaching ( in + tuition)
Leguminous Having many legs (leg + many)
Liturgy The science of scattering rubbish (litter + gy)
Malice Queen louse ( ma + lice)
Masticate To glue everything (mass + stick)
Minimum An adolescent girl ( mini + mum)
Morbid Outbid someone at an auction (more + bid)
Morsel Mitosis / Meiosis ( more + cell )
Myriad Hairy (from Tamil for hair)
Mystical A tickle that failed (miss + tickle)
Pantry A workshop where trousers are mended (pant)
Prerogative Occupation prior to venturing into crime (pre + rogue)
Presumptuous Before a hearty meal (pre + sumptuous)
Programmer Supporter of the CGS system of units (pro + gram)
Refine To punish monetarily again (re + fine)
Reproach To dissect a segmented insect ( rip + roach )
Semaphore The number "2" (semi + four)
Syllabus A bus with silly advertisements on it (silly + bus)
Thesaurus The God of Dinosaurs ( theis + saur )
Toilet Just a little hard work (Toil)
Truncate To become an elephant (trunk)
Vendetta Time of procurement of a loan (when + debt)
Veneration The time something was spoken (when + narration)
Weed A plant that grows indoors (from Tamil for house)

Educate yourselves!


Puppy M and Baby V

Authors' Note: Colonial Oppression is a topic of scholarship and a matter of great pride and appreciation for many people of various ethnicities and persuasions, across the world. We do not intend to criticise, mock or undermine the beliefs, the symbols and spirituality thereof. This post is a product of a random creative outburst, a central theme of the blog. If anyone finds this post offensive do inform us and we will remove it. A reason, though not mandatory, if provided, would be appreciated.


Religious said...


I find this post ridiculously and unnecessarily offensive and by all means I do not need to give a reason

You know why?

Cause I am apathetic... a person who is not pathetic. Only a pathetic person would give you a reason

Also a pathetic person is a person who has the knack to know which is the right path but deliberately chooses the wrong for the love of mankind and god. I am not one of those.

Here is a short list to add in the dictionary before you attend my request to scrap this off

Perfume.. A unit for measurement of blackened lungs

His lung measures 16 per (/)fumes
where 1 perfume = 43.08 cigarettes consumed
This equation varies with parameters like Cigarette brands, altitude and mood swings.

Sorry! thats it! I cant take it any more!

This is too offensive. Here's a reason: This is all against my religion. I did not believe in spiritualism, (which in alternate world means a study of ghosts) but only till now.

Now I am Religious + Spiritual

unpredictable said...

This may be an unrelated isstipid koshtin but .. why Vow ... why not VAO?


Anonymous said...

Its a very relevant kveshchan. It strikes at the very core of this blog.

Baby V != Puppy Manohar.

there is a difference between

"Guten Morgen, Sir. Was für eine feine Leben!"


"Bhow! Bhow! Bhow!"

There is a lesson there for all of us.

Baby V.

Penguin said...

Dear Puppy Manohar and Baby V,
Wish you a very happy New Year. Your posts have been very thought-provoking, and I have a humble requesht to make of you. Please add the following to yuvar dictionary. I will be very grateful to you.
Universal - One poem hit
Kind regards,