Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chronicles of Coder Mami

Dear Puppy Manohar,

Have you ever been bugged (ah dhang you) by programming inadequacies? Do you feel bugs appear not because of the programmer's shortcomings but because of Evil Spirits? Do you feel that the software processes in your company are not good enough to save you from the evil forces of "issues"?

There is a new super hero in town. She is experienced, she is strong, she is wise, she is never wrong - Coder Mami. No one knows who she is or where she lives. There is also a book of sayings: "Coder Mami's Almanac" that have Old and New Jungle Sayings - Ancient Indian Tales on how to ward off evil spirits that are haunting your code.


Baby Vaijayanthi.


Anonymous said...

programmers. ward off* lame. sorry

Chinu-fish said...

Dear Coder Mami,

I have heard a lot about your Coding powers and your ability of generate multiple language programmes in a fraction of seconds to counter evil programmes. Do you also have Decoding powers?

If yes, then i would like you to decode the message "vcx36dftgggwho are you jalebi_gathiya_chutni w/ sev_puri+batata in humanchocolate frosted-in tuohy borst adapter for Matlab 7.1inAppleIPhone"

I saw this code in someone's hot burger.

Do you have it to decode it?

--"It's not who you are, it's what you do that defines you" --Batman

Renovatio said...

I was thinking about Cheb Mami. He dreams of rain, Raiiiiin.

Koko Kola Bear said...

You sit in the dark and code
While i drive you around in my dreams

Thinking how much you love to be bored
Wish i could see more of you on all of the computer screens

They've programmed you to program For all of the money there is

Wish i could hold you and make you Understand that ignorance is a Bliss

Everyone's in need of you that they will sell you on Ebay

Wishing that never will happen cause baby! you are top on the list of my favorite lay

Now they call you names like nerd and they call you names like MAMI
but baby I think only one name fits you and that is Stone "MILF" Foxy

"Coder Mami Coder Mami dont break my heart
Coder mami coder mami dont break my heart
My heart is a cup of java"...Some random usc boy

Anonymous said...

LOL KP. that was farging awesome. we have to record this.

as for "my heart...". you are bastige KP. you cant keep your mouth shut.


Jane Doe said...


I took the liberty of adding your blogspot to the list of blogs I read.


Kappa said...

jane doe

liberty is only for staionary objects

Anonymous said...

and for timeless responses.